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At Car Stereo Houston, we know that people spend a lot of time driving around in their vehicle. It’s not always easy to enjoy that time because of all the noise on the road: all the honking and squeaky breaks from rush hour traffic, the super loud young motorcyclist that thinks he is just too cool for the speed limit, and of course that embarrassing cat-like growl of your engine that you hate with a passion.

At Car Stereo Houston we are experts in auto sound insulation and auto-dampening techniques. Historically, automobile manufacturers have paid little attention to interior acoustics and environmental conditions in the passenger cabin. The "insulation" and sound dampening material installed in vehicles has been marginally effective. Even in today's new cars, the interior acoustics are low priority. This is why many people come to us, to improve the acoustics within their car.

At Car Stereo Houston we understand the importance of ensuring your car is customized and meets your needs. Therefore we understand the use of the following auto-dampening and sound insulation techniques and only use the best combination for your car. A few of the popular techniques used to insulate sound are listed below:

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There are many different ways to be able to do hands free or Bluetooth calling

Dampening is the process of reducing vibration and noise produced by resonant vibration in areas like body panels, door panels, floor pans and roof panels. It is important that damping material should be at least one-half the thickness of the material to which it is being applied and cover approximately a third to half of the surface area. The most effective material used in damping is self-adhesive rubberized asphalt.

Absorbers typically do not block sound, but rather, absorb or soak in sound and prevent sound from reflecting. Thicker materials are used when you want absorbers to soak in high frequencies. For low frequencies, thin materials are used. Open cell foams, fiberglass and fibertech are examples of sound absorbing materials.

Reflective Barriers are made of highly reflective aluminum and push heat away from critical equipment as well as passengers.

Understanding when and what to use after consulting with you, is our job and what we do best. At Car Audio Zone we use a combination of Damper-Absorber-Reflective Barrier Insulation products that dampen, absorb and reflect heat consist of aluminum sheeting bonded to a fibrous padding with fiberglass mesh reinforcement to achieve high strength. These materials are highly reflective of radiant heat and achieve maximum sound deadening.

Your vehicle is not just an object that takes you from point A to point B. It's your very own personal castle, a fortress of solitude if you will. With the services we provide in auto sound insulation and dampening you can finally drive away in your castle with:

Better Sound Quality

Absorption of exhaust, road, and wind noise

No More Rattling

more power from your amplifier

more bass for your favorite songs

At Car Audio Zone we have been transforming cars from great to fantastic in the Houston area for the past ten years and every member of our staff is dedicated to give you the best results utilizing top name products. Please check out our gallery page to see examples of our most recent work.

Contact Car Stereo Houston at (281) 530-8287 to get a free auto sound installation and auto dampening estimate and consultation. You will finally be able to enjoy driving like you were meant to. If you are still curious check out some past customers' testimonials on their experience with us.

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