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Driving should be an enjoyable experience. Whether it is a quick drive to the grocery store down the street or you are stuck in stand-still traffic, being in the car provides a great time to relax and listen to your favorite music. No matter if you prefer rock, country, rap, techno, or anything else, our high quality stereos will make you feel as if you are in the middle of the action. Car Audio Zone and Car Stereo Outlet is a reputable car stereo repair facility in Houston. Contact us today with any questions and to obtain your dream stereo system or to repair your broken one.

Car Stereo Repairs

There are few things more disappointing than getting ready to listen to your favorite song during a long drive only to find your stereo is broken. Whether it is full of static, will only play at very low volumes, or fails to play at all, we can fix it! A few of the many advantages in coming to us for your repairs include:

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We specialize in car audio and electronics, so all of our employees know exactly what they are talking about and can help you make the best decision possible.

Our employees are highly trained and knowledgeable in the proper steps to fix any problem your stereo may have.

We provide a 30 day installation warranty on all of our products.

Lifetime labor and manufacturer warranties are provided to give you the same confidence we hold in our work.

The value we place on our great customer service will have you taken care of in no time.

Along with repairs, we also offer new stereo installations and upgrades to keep your car the coolest on the block. With seemingly endless choices and options, we carry all the name brands as well as specialized products to fit your every need. Call Car Audio Zone or Car Stereo Outlet today to get started with your car stereo repair in Houston!

Potential Causes

When it comes to stereos, symptoms are typically very obvious when a repair is needed. The sound will noticeably be abnormal or shaky. There are also other subtle issues such as a weak bass or delayed play time. The causes, however, are not always so obvious. Here are a few culprits which are known to cause issues:

Incorrect setup or installation

Outdated equipment being used with newer attachments

The wiring may be disconnected or tangled up

Wires may be run together instead of separately

When you are unsure of the issue, bring your car to Car Audio Zone or Car Stereo Outlet for a diagnosis and repair all for a great price. We offer the top quality car stereo repair in Houston and provide different specials and coupons on our website to help you save even more money. Contact us today with any questions and to get you started on the path to superior sound quality.

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