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We greatly appreciate your choice of Car Audio Zone for your installation needs! We are delighted to offer a lifetime installation assurance covering all work carried out by our skilled Car Audio Zone Technicians for the duration of your vehicle's life. This assurance encompasses all aspects of the installation process, including mounting and wiring, provided that no other unauthorized installation work has been undertaken on the installed product. To make use of our assurance service, please visit any Car Audio Zone location with your vehicle, along with the original installation and product purchase receipts. This service is exclusively available to the original purchaser.


While the aforementioned Lifetime Installation Assurance is not a product warranty, in the event that the equipment you acquire from Car Audio Zone and have installed by us encounters issues and qualifies for coverage under the manufacturer's warranty or our lifetime installation assurance, we will, at no expense to you, either remove, repair, or replace the covered equipment within the original vehicle. Please note that if you have invested in Car Audio Zone Extended Service Protection (ESP), the previously mentioned Lifetime Installation Assurance remains applicable, with an extension of up to 4 years on the manufacturer's product warranty.


Before proceeding with the installation, Car Audio Zone will perform a preliminary assessment of any pre-existing equipment to determine its functionality. Non-functional equipment may be subject to a bench test fee, which can be waived if you decide to purchase replacement equipment and have it installed.


In certain instances, unexpected engine noise may arise during the installation of radios and amplifiers. If this occurs with your system, our team will make every effort to identify the source of the noise. Car Audio Zone offers noise suppressors and filters for purchase, which can be installed to address the issue in specific cases. Please be aware that there may be additional charges for installation labor and any extra parts required to eliminate the noise.

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