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Richmond Car Alarm And Car Stereo

Two Systems A Car Has to Have

Car Audio Zone Richmond knows that there are two systems that a car just cannot be without: a stereo and an alarm system. When driving, listening to your favorite tunes goes a long way to keeping that road rage under tabs and no one ever wants to be the victim of a car break in. As luck would have it, Car Audio Zone Richmond happens to be the experts when it comes to car stereo and car alarm systems.

Car Alarm Systems
The first car alarm was first designed in 1896 and consisted of a basic honking noise, since then alarms have come a long way. Now there are several options for you to choose from: there are the cheap options that really do not do anything and then there is the high quality car alarm. Although the high quality ones do cost a couple hundred to install, when it comes to your belongings you want to take every precaution to insure that they remain yours. For an estimate on a car alarm for your vehicle, Car Audio Zone Richmond can most certainly assist.

There are two categories that a car alarm can fall into:

  • Passive: the ignition must be off and all the doors have to shut
  • Active: the driver must press a button or enter a code for activation

Within these two categories are several different features that a driver can choose from; some of them being:

  • Sirens and Air Horns: loud noises to impede the theft from continuing
  • Active Re-arm: after the alarm has been disarmed, it will automatically re-set
  • Ignition/Starter Kill: ignition and engine will turn after alarm has been set off
  • Tracking: allows the car to be tracked after a theft

Car Stereo Systems
At Car Audio Zone Richmond, our staff holds the knowledge that will allow you to enjoy your music like never before.  If you are looking for an upgrade or an entire new system, Car Audio Zone Richmond is the place to start. Our skill set involves combinations of any of the following:

  • Stereo
  • Speakers
  • Amplifiers
  • Subwoofers
  • Equalizers

Car Audio Zone Richmond is the home of premier quality car stereo and car alarm systems. With only the top name brands in stock and the most expert technicians in employment, your car could not be in better hands. Whether you wish to install a car stereo, car alarm, or both then contact Car Audio Zone Richmond at 281-847-2700. When you have them on the phone, you can also ask about all the other services they provide their customers.